Sunday, September 18, 2016

                                                                      My Home                                                                                  For the most part I love my home here in Humboldt County. The ocean and Redwood trees within a few hour drive you can a vast variety of climates. That is my favorite part of where I live because it makes me feel like I can experience more. I like America as a whole as well because I can do most things. It's also soothing to live in a small town which I do where I know most people it makes the whole town. Which for some reason makes me feel safer.That is what I like about where I live.                    Now for the part for what I do not like about where I live. Like I said earlier I enjoy most of the things here, but if I had to complain about something it would be the racism.Yes it has gotten a ton better from 100 years ago but, it still feels that we are seperated there is a certain angst between everyone. I hope some day there will not be that feeling. I also think it is silly how much things cost for simple things. Even water can be charged up to like $6 at ballgames and that I think is absurd. There is many places where racism doesn't exist and water is free so it is good that it isn't everywhere. Those are the two things I don't care for in my society. Thank you!

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