Friday, February 10, 2017

My favorite television series

        My favorite television series are The Office (US), Breaking Bad, and South Park. With The Office being more of a comedy while Breaking Bad is a drama. The Office follows the paper company Dunder Mifflin's branch in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It has a good cast led by Steve Carrell and John Krasiniski and others that had success in other shows. The show itself started airing in 2005 on NBC and went until 2013 but I watched it on Netflix where it's available to stream. The show itself is mostly taken place at Dunder Mifflin where their boss Micheal Scott (played by Carrell) does many memorable acts and Scott's best friend Dwight Schrute selling paper and causing mischief. The real emotional part of the story is about paper salesman Jim and receptionist Pam's love story which was pretty obvious from the beginning. It is a great show and I would recommend it to anyone so check it out.                                                      
     Next is Breaking Bad; which is in my opinion one of the best tv shows ever. Breaking Bad is taken place in Albuquerque, New Mexico and shows a high school chemistry teacher Walter White who while on a ride along with his brother-in-law Hank sees first hand that making and selling the narcotic crystal meth could pay and even watches his old student escape. Then White finds out he has cancer and is pressed for money so gets into the business of making and dealing drugs. So of course there are many bumps in the road as he partners with the same student he saw escape because he knows the business. The cast is starred by tv dad Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Throughout the series you see White transform from a squeaky clean teacher to a murderer drug dealer that goes by Heisenburg. It's just a fantastic show although there is a lot of gore and drugs so don't let young kids watch the show but I have never heard of someone not liking it and it's on Netflix so it's even more convenient to watch the series.
     Last but not least is South Park. South Park is an animated series on Comedy Central and has been on since 1997. It mostly focuses on real life issues that they make fun of. There has been 19 series as it's episodes range from the people's need for KFC to American politician Al Gore believing there is such thing as a ManBearPig. South Park is made by Trey Parker and Matt Stone who have made multiple other things together ranging from movies to even a play. The show itself follows the lives of four young boys living in South Park, Colorado where they meet many characters ranging from Tupac's hologram to Mr. Hankey the Christmas poo. South Park is a classic American tv show for kids of my generation and it will continue because they are still making new episodes to this day.
     So those are my three favorite tv shows I highly suggest you watch them sometime and let me know what you think of them!